​​Partners & Sponsors


The X. ISMM World Congress is host to a wide range of professionals who together offer a unique combination of scientific competence, clinical experience and field expertise. This is a hot-spot for the private sector to network with the scientific and applied community. We have already received substantial support from congress partners and potential sponsors and encourage distributors of pharmaceutical products, medical equipment, rescue equipment, technical and sporting equipment/clothing, academic publishers, and many others to join us for this event.


Partners have a collaborative role in overseeing the scientific content, logistical aspects and/or general planning of the congress. 

Exclusive sponsors will be positioned centre stage at the congress, with unlimited visibility and access to the hundreds of delegates and supporting institutions. Our aim is to provide sponsorship opportunities that are unique and company oriented, for which reason exclusive sponsorship is limited in the number of sponsors per package and packages will be tailored to each company's needs or expectations.

Affiliated sponsors are an integral part of the congress to support the many professionals working in the field. Affiliated sponsorship is not limited in number and we encourage a wide range of companies and institutions to join the congress team.


Detailed information can be found in the sponsorship brochure.